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About Wenham
A walk along the Town of Wenham’s lovely main street provides a timeless picture of gardens and yards, friendly faces and beautiful old homes. Wenham Massachusetts was originally settled in 1643 and has retained a lot of its unique historic character and tranquil rural scenery. The town is comprised of many open views of farm land, woodlands, and old stone walls that line the winding tree-lined roads.

Wenham is home to Gordon College and a top rated regional school system that it shares with the town of Hamilton. Wenham residents are justly proud of its historic past, its responsive local government, its nearly 300 acres of parks and its active, involved citizenry. Wenham, residents say, gives one a general sense of connection to all that is right about New England small town life.

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Essex Heritage Annual Spring Meeting

Essex Heritage will hold its annual meeting and networking event on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 from 8:00 – 10:00 AM, at Gordon College’s Ken Olsen Science Center in Wenham. The public is welcome to attend this FREE, valuable networking opportunity that will further connect you with the work of Essex Heritage and that of our partners to preserve and enhance the historic, cultural and natural resources of Essex County. Essex Heritage’s semi-annual meetings provide a unique opportunity for Essex Heritage trustees, commissioners, members, supporters and partners to network with the public on a wide range of ongoing initiatives in the Essex National Heritage Area. Partnership Grant Program award recipients and new commissioners will be announced as well. For more information and to RSVP, please call Essex Heritage at (978) 740-0444 or visit http://www.essexheritage.org/annual-spring-meeting.

Designated by the US Congress in recognition of the important role that this region played in American history and its significant heritage sites still remaining, the Essex National Heritage Area is comprised of the 34 communities of Essex County, MA. Essex Heritage is a non-profit agency that manages the Heritage Area, and works in collaboration with the National Park Service to promote public/private partnerships and develop programs that enhance, preserve and encourage regional awareness of the Area’s unique historic, cultural and natural resources. For more information, visit Essex Heritage at www.EssexHeritage.org or call (978) 740-0444.

When: Apr 30, 2014 8 AM to Apr 30, 2014 10 AMin Wenham, Massachusetts (Wed, 30 Apr 2014 08 )
Spoonful of Sugar exhibit at Wenham Museum
Join us for a celebration of the 50th birthday of Disney's classic film, Mary Poppins.

Explore a 1910 nursery with antique toys, clothes, and furnishings like the Banks had. Make chalk drawings like Mary's friend Bert does, and time yourself tidying up the nursery with a spoonful of sugar.

Based on a series of children's books written by P.L. Travers, Disney's film Mary Poppins tells the story of the Banks family and their nanny, Mary Poppins, who blows into London on "the East wind" in 1910 and takes the family on a series of adventures, teaching them all lessons about life and love along the way.

Come explore a whimsical 1910 nursery filled with antique toys, clothes, and furnishings of the period, just like the Banks children had.

Climb on Admiral Boom's house-ship, make your own chalk drawings like Mary's friend Bert does, and time yourself tidying up the messy nursery with just a spoonful of sugar just as Mary and the Banks children did in this timeless children's story.

Included with museum admission.

$8 adults, $6 children, members free.

Group rates available.

132 Main Street, Wenham, MA, 978-468-2377, www.wenhammuseum.org

When: Feb 7, 2014 12 AM to May 11, 2014 12 AMin Wenham, Massachusetts (Fri, 07 Feb 2014 00 )
Three Bags Full: All About Wool exhibit at Wenham Museum
Wool is a very ancient fiber which has been keeping us both warm and cool for thousands of years.

It can be dense and fuzzy or gossamer fine.

It is used for clothes (both what you see and don't), accessories, and even toys and dolls.

In West Gallery, we explore the versatility of wool, from cobwebby shawls and tough twill for military uniforms to tweed jackets and dress fabric.

Woven, knitted, crocheted, and felted, wool can do it all.

When: Jan 21, 2014 12 AM to Apr 27, 2014 12 AMin Wenham, Massachusetts (Tue, 21 Jan 2014 00 )
When God Left the Building- Gordon College

A pervasive part of the American fabric is fraying and decaying before our eyes. THE CHURCH IS WITHERING.

Though the vast majority (77%) of Americans identify themselves as Christians, they have largely stopped attending church. LESS THAN 20% of the population now makes it to church in a typical week. Some 4000 churches are closing every year. It’s a major and unprecedented social upheaval.

The film follows a church that has seen its attendance plunge from 900 to 40. In addition to external cultural factors that affect all churches, this church is disintegrating from the inside from a variety of human storms. A pastor who doesn’t know who or what God is. Fights over petty things. A faction of angry ex-members that devises a plan to take over the church.

Throughout the story, cameras also visit other dying churches—as well as innovative new forms of church that are thriving. These range from a ministry in a Pennsylvania pub to an outreach in Los Angeles that brings joy to skid-row moms.

By the end of the film, viewers will EXPERIENCE HOPE and a refreshing glimpse into how faith may be pursued in the future.

When: May 4, 2014 8 PM to May 4, 2014 10 PMin Wenham, Massachusetts (Sun, 04 May 2014 20 )
American Red Cross Blood Drive
When: Apr 29, 2014 12 PM in Wenham, Massachusetts (Tue, 29 Apr 2014 12 )
Wenham Museum Annual Gala

Annual Gala | Saturday, May 10, 2014

Live Music | Dancing | Raffle | Auction

“You think. You wink. You double blink. You close your eyes and jump!” into the magical world of Mary Poppins, blown on the East wind to 132 Main Street, Wenham.  Join us in supporting your museum through a night of whimsy, music, and merriment inspired by the museum's spring exhibit, A Spoonful of Sugar, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Mary Poppins film.  Dress in your very best for a supercalifragalisticexpialidocious evening!  

Karen Nascembeni of North Shore Music Theater

Honorary Chair

Award Recipients 

Barbara O. Locke, President, Wenham Village Improvement Society


Custodial Partners LLC | Northshore Magazine | Tonneson & Co. CPAs

Supporting Sponsors

Anna Jacques Hospital | Beverly Bank

Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

Cranney Companies | Leslie S. Ray Insurance Agency, Inc.

Peoples United Bank | Seacoast Tent Rentals, Inc.

Wenham Village Improvement Society | UBER

(as of April 10, 2014)

 Gala Committee

Kennon Anderson | Cathy Ebling | Cheryl Emmons
Kelly O'Connor | Katharine Pickering | Jennifer Perkin
Holly Shepherd | Elizabeth Skates | Willa Worsfold


Tickets will not be mailed to attendees.  
**A Guest List will be maintained at the door!**  


Ticket includes valet parking, light refreshments, and hosted beer, wine, and signature cocktails, as well as:

LIVE MUSIC by Diane and Company with Mark Retallack and Roger Brockelbank and Henri Smith New Orleans Friends and Flavors

Stonehome Estate Jewelers of Portland & Kennebunkport, Maine
Buy, Sell & Trade | Offering a variety of pieces & prices 
**20% of Sales Proceeds Benefit the Wenham Museum**

 by Boston Cigar Factory 

 by Rick Nazzaro of Nazzaro Auctions with prizes including a 
Zulu Nyala African Safari 

CAR SERVICE to the event by UBER.  Guests receive $40 off their first ride with promotional code ALLABOARD14. 


When: May 10, 2014 5 PM to May 10, 2014 10 PMin Wenham, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit EventBrite.com for pricing. (Sat, 10 May 2014 17 )
Rend Collective with Urban Rescue
When: Sep 19, 2014 7 PM in Wenham, Massachusetts (Fri, 19 Sep 2014 19 )
Happy 50th Birthday, G.I. Joe! Exhibit at Wenham Museum
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of G.I. Joe! Discover how the story of the G.I. Joe action figures, prototypes, and accessories changed playtime for generations.

In 1964, Hasbro introduced the world to G.I.

Joe-the first ever action figure!

The Wenham Museum will celebrate with an exhibit featuring G.I.

Joe and his friends Rocky, Skip, and Ace (the original 1964 names).

Discover how the story of these figures, prototypes, and accessories changed playtime for generations.

When: Feb 21, 2014 12 AM to May 11, 2014 12 AMin Wenham, Massachusetts (Fri, 21 Feb 2014 00 )

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